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eResponses from pro-NASA devotees and others

I need to add some words about our pro-NASA fanboys and girls. Wherever I wrote a critique of one of them I took the courtesy of sending them an advanced copy of the text for their perusal and comments. I think it is only fair and reasonable to provide them with the opportunity to respond to my criticisms before the book went to print. You will see that I mention this several times in the text.

I can tell you that nobody has responded until now. I believe that this is indicative that when provided with the opportunity to respond they have failed to do so. A non-response most probably means that they have little or no defence against my arguments. Only one person, Steve Barrett, dared to face up to the subject and admit that my criticism of his presentation was fair. For this, Steve Barrett is to be commended.

The pro-NASA Charlatans have finally been confronted and exposed for what they are, purveyors of falsehoods. For the mass media, they care little for the truth but merely repeat what looks like a good story at minimum investigation and thus cost.

My greatest disappointment was academia. The prime function of any academic is to carry out fundamental research and thereby uphold the truth of the science which they represent. The majority of these academics have patently failed to do this. If a flag swings on the supposed Moon with the periodicity that it does on Earth then this is investigative science and physics at its most basic level. The evidence is freely available for those who care to seek it out.

Any replies that I do get in the future will be added to the book and will be available for the next printing. I will also report it here for those of you who already bought the book.

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