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On 20 July 1969 NASA claimed to have landed two astronauts, Neil Armstrong and Buzz Aldrin, on the surface of the Moon. The entire population of the globe were captivated by this extraordinary technological achievement as they watched the event unfold on TVs around the world. The great majority of people still believe this to be true, so much so that it is now taught as true history in many schools.


My first book on the subject “Man on the Moon: Fact or Fiction?” was an impartial analysis of the evidence for and against the moon landings being actual or faked. At the time I wrote that book I was a true believer in the NASA story but in researching that book I discovered many aspects of the Apollo moon landings which were impossible to explain. This led me to writing this book which exposes the fakery. In it I highlight those areas of the evidence which show beyond any doubt that the Apollo Mission were cleverly faked.

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