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On 20 July 1969, man first set his tentative foot on the Moon. Ever since that first ”giant leap” there have been a small group of people who have cast doubts on that great achievement. Over the years, as more and more of the “so-called” anomalies have been discovered the band of sceptics has steadily increased, and the believers have consequently become more vehement in their defence of NASA. Even so, recent surveys show that at least eighty percent of the adult population still believe that it really happened the way that NASA beamed it to televisions around the world. There are many books which celebrate this technological achievement, and a few, mostly, self-published books that claim it was a very convincing hoax. All of these existing tomes are partisan, supporting either the truth ideology, or the falsehoods.


“Man On The Moon Fact or Fiction?” is a book which is unremittingly non-partisan, the author expresses no opinion on the truth of the matter. Instead he presents the evidence, for and against, so that the reader can form their own conclusions. There is a vast array of evidence from both sides, scattered in many places, and often difficult, and time consuming to search out. Added to this some of the evidence presented by both sides is flawed, and does not stand the scrutiny of scientific fact. The author guides the reader, step by step, through this morass of science, and false belief.

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