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Despite the fact that the majority of people on Earth steadfastly still believe that the Americans landed astronauts on the Moon more than fifty years ago, the real evidence unquestionably shows that it is simply not true. So how can you explain this apparent paradox? One reason is that the majority of people have never made the effort to investigate the evidence in any depth but they have simply accepted what they have seen on TV and which is also constantly reinforced by the media. Most people have no reason to question what they have already accepted as being true, in any case, a hoax on such a gigantic scale is for most totally unbelievable.


Perhaps a more important reason is that these beliefs are reinforced by a continuous and persistent propaganda exercise by elements within NASA and a very ardent group of supporters who for reasons unknown vociferously defend the Apollo missions even though the evidence of fakery is undeniable. One has to wonder what their motivation is that allows them to ignore factual science.It is this group of fanatical NASA supporters that this book will concentrate on. Our intention is to show the disengenous nature of their approach to real evidence, their use of confusing or simply corrupted science and their intolerable language against anyone who dares to question the truth of the Apollo missions.

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